Sunday, May 30, 2010

Always half full

Life is definitely what you make of it. Nothing more, and nothing less. I thought about this as I went to the beach and tried to make the best of things. I didn't necessarily like every person there, or even know every person for that matter. BUT I looked forward to getting my tan on (yeah, it's slightly impressive =D) and meeting new people. By doing that, I had a pretty fun time. A few other people who went, on the other hand, did the exact opposite. They weren't excited for the plans at all, and they already assumed it was going to be terrible. So then, of course their experiences weren't all that great. I think that I've gotten better in trying new stuff and being so pessimistic. I'm just ecstatic at the thought of going to college, and experiencing a million and one different things. I can't imagine people who would think otherwise. I think those four years of your life are the perfect opportunity to truly define yourself, and perhaps delve deeper and discover things you previously didn't know. I definitely have to look at this from a positive perspective, or I'm just going to find myself constantly sinking into this pit of self-pity.

I remember that a couple of months ago, I was seeing only the negative in everything that happened. Sure, there were a couple of things just mounting up on me, but I could've made the best of it. Instead, I let my troubles and worries get to me and I resorted to cutting myself. I guess I thought that it would help dull the pain of everything else going on, which it actually did, but I'm disappointed in myself for letting it get so far. Sometimes, I'll look down at my wrist and still see the remnants of how I felt at that exact moment. And the only thing I can say from it is that nothing's worse than making yourself miserable. I just want to be happy, but I have to realize that only I can do that. When aspects of my life seem to go wrong, I have to think there are better moments ahead. I just hope I can keep this ideal going, since I do tend to change moods fairly quickly. But I really think I have learned a bit more about the influence of perspective.

This actually reminds me of a Demetri Martin joke, in which he talks about "the glass". For optimists, the glass is half full. For pessimists, half empty. But shouldn't we be worried about the contents of said glass? I mean, if it's shit, and I'm an optimist, I'm definitely thinking that's half empty. And baby blood?? That's even more complicated. Is that coming from a baby or to a baby? If it's to a baby, then we got a half full glass of baby blood. If it's from, then well, at least it's half empty.

That last paragraph was completely irrelevant, but that joke still makes me laugh. So when people have some reason to mention that lame metaphor or saying, I can always smile. =)

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