Sunday, May 23, 2010

An epic fail

Right now I'm finally wrapping up the last few paragraphs of my five page research paper, and I'll admit it. I pretty much just copy and pasted half my paper from wikipedia and various other sites. Am I ashamed of what I did? Hmm, not really. I doubt the teacher will be able to grade these papers before the fourth marking period ends, especially since it took him roughly for months to grade our last ones. We have yet to receive our literary criticisms from about two months ago as well. I take pride in my ability to read Wikipedia and use Ctrl + C! If anyone else has a problem with my work being unoriginal, then he obviously takes a high school english class a bit too seriously ;)

I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the road. We're all in the last stretch at this point. Sure, I have those pesky finals and a bio lab report in the next couple of weeks, but I can't be bothered with such boring tasks! Instead, I think I'll go ahead and look forward to prom and all of that goodness. Oh, and then there are those Academic Recognition Nights, which are pretty lame but have a pretty nice dessert table. Hahaha, seriously, who doesn't like the cookies the school sends during lunch? I'm pretty sure I'm either receiving it for music and the national merit thing, or just the merit one. I wouldn't be surprised since my Orchestra teacher is a jerky mcjerkpants, but there are definitely a lot more people who deserve it this year. Yeah, there was All-States but that was towards the beginning of the year anyways. I wouldn't mind not receiving it for once =) It would go to someone who actually should get it.

Hmm, on a random side note, I've definitely been breaking out a lot more lately, and man is it gross. At first, everything started to clear up after I put myself on a face makeup ban, but I think my period is starting to get the best of me. I also find it kinda fun to pop pimples. Does anyone else feel the same way? I mean, I get this satisfaction when I pop the zit in an efficient and clean manner. The gross stuff is gone, and I have minimal scarring. Lol, lately that hasn't been happening. URGH. I just want to get out of puberty and call it a day... I hate my acne-prone skin.

So as I have someone else read my paper for me since I don't want to read the travesty that is my research paper, I think I'll end this post. Hopefully it wasn't as boring as I think it is =)

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