Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memoirs of a Loser

I'm home on a Saturday night. This is the first time in a while that it's been like that, and I actually kinda enjoy it. Sometimes, I think I just want to spend a night in, eat my own weight in junk food, and not have to attempt to look good (since my mother tells me I'm beautiful as I am... even in Hello Kitty pajama pants and with oily hair) really. So as I watch random things on Collegehumor and eat chocolate covered pretzels while getting brown stains all over my laptop to respond to people on AIM, I can think of no better way to waste my life than writing a post! Especially one pertaining to things I absolutely detest.

Things I'm Sick of:

People thrusting their own problems onto you. Now I generally don't mind if someone wants to talk me about their problems. If anything, that's exactly what a friend does. BUT what I can't stand is someone who just makes you feel miserable because he/she's miserable. This involves insulting the person who's just trying to be nice to you, incessantly whining, and killing the entire conversation in three words. I try to console the best that I can, but if that person is just going to be upset the entire time and basically ignore anything I do to help, then he/she shouldn't try bothering others with how shitty and terrible life is.

Chocolate. Oh, why must you taste so good? You make my thighs enormous and my belly gigantic. This relationship isn't working out.

Laggy Phones. It takes approximately four minutes for my phone to turn on after I press the button. It also takes two minutes to open up a text message I receive, and four minutes for any web page I would want to look up. ALSO, it doesn't even relay half the phone calls I make. So, the one basic use this "smart" phone should have, isn't even functional. That means if I ever am in a position in which I need to call 911, it might not even go through. Death by phone.... sounds pretty terrible to me.

On a side note, lobsters lead shit lives. I mean, yeah, people eat cows, pigs, and chickens as well, but none of them boil to death. I'm surprised PETA hasn't gotten on this yet lol. I think humans are programmed to think that a lobster won't taste good... UNLESS they put it in a pot of scalding water and wait for them to die, and then proceed to eat the carcass. Hahaha, just a little food for thought. =)

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