Wednesday, June 16, 2010

All quiet on the front...

So. It's the day before graduation? Am I freaking out? Very much so. Right now I'm desperately trying to maintain my composure and not think about all of the things that could go wrong. My gown makes me look like a golden big bird, my dress is terribly unflattering, I probably will fail my Italian final tomorrow, amongst other things. I just... don't believe that this day has come. It's too fast. Too sudden. And yet, at the perfect time.

Honestly, if I were graduating a week later, I probably would shoot someone. As frightened as I am, I can't wait to leave this school. Obviously I'll miss a select few, but I need to let myself grow more than anything else. I'm definitely way too immature for someone who's turning eighteen... I doubt poop and dick jokes will still be as funny in college. Ah, I doubt it. Everyone appreciates dirty humor once in a while, right? =)

Anyways, I just miserably failed my AP Calculus final, and I don't really give a damn. I think I failed my AP Bio final as well. I actually need a 79 or 80 to get a B as my final grade, but there was just some point in taking the test in which I thought, "No." I just put down my pencil and stopped trying. That test was brutal, and I don't care what anyone says about my apathy. Hahaha, these finals are the last hurdle for me, and I seem to have toppled over every single one.

After finals, what does that leave me? Oh, yes. GRADUATION. I'm pretty excited for that moment, but I know it won't really be much when it happens. My family will cheer for me. No one else really will. I'll cry in pictures, look unattractive in pictures, get makeup all over my dress, and look ridiculously ugly. That's not something terribly out of the ordinary though. Project Graduation should be amazing as well. A moonbounce? Pretty epic I have to say. Spending the day with a couple hundred of your favorite graduates? Even better. It's a little weird that it's hosted in a YMCA, but I don't really mind hahaha. If that means ice skating and swimming in the same building, I'm down.

Looking back, I really don't know what all the fuss was about. All of the drama, fighting, crying, and whining seemed to be for nothing significant. What's important is the future, and those you bring along with you. I'll need to stop living in the past from now on, and I'm not entirely sure. I can do it. For now, I'll try. And for now, you guys can wish me luck! =)

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