Sunday, June 20, 2010

Life as I know it?

Today was yet another uneventful day, but I guess one that I can appreciate? As everyone should know, today was Father's Day. I didn't actually do anything for Papa Chung, which I felt terrible about, but I figured spending the entire day with him would make up for it. So, he, my mother, and I went to his best friend's house in Manhattan. I finally got to see the man my father would always call Alberto and answer the phone with a "Que pasa????" every single time. I expected a very burly and tough looking Greek man, and to my surprise I saw... A regular, middle aged, and slightly balding Greek man. He looked much older than my father, and yet he had a child who was just turning three.

He and his wife were ridiculously hospitable, and I had a fairly nice time. I will admit that I was dying somewhat without my phone (isn't that expected of every modern teenager?), but I think I handled myself pretty well. My visit there put a couple of things in perspective for me...

1. The importance of children. I always say that I want as few kids as possible, and that I would be perfectly fine not having one at all. To be honest, I think that would be a missing chapter in my life. Having a child is something that now appears... necessary. Alberto and Sarah are roughly fifty years old each, and yet they just recently had a child. By the time Esther is in my position three days ago, they will be mistaken as grandparents. That actually makes me sad to think about, but also signifies the importance of bringing life into this world. I'm actually excited to have kids someday. Not in the near future, of course, but perhaps a little earlier than I wanted previously.

2. The excitement of attending college. In the last week, five or seven people on my floor for housing have already added me on facebook. It just all seems so real now. And I'm not hesitating to go for it. I just want to be there already, meeting all of the people who could potentially change my life. Talking about college with Sarah just made me realize that it might be even more of an experience that I ever imagined.

3. The epicness that could be this summer. I can't wait for an alcohol/drug induced summer. Talking about getting wasted with one friend and high with another just got me really excited, which is probably a bad sign actually. Still, I just think that the prospects of being so free and wild make it all the more enticing. Clubbing is supposed to be put into that mix, but we shall see about that for now... If anyone wants to join in on these plans, feel free to by the way! Although I doubt anyone reads this so I don't know why I write these =P

On a completely unrelated note... Does anyone else hate going number two in a bathroom that is a part of someone else's house? I honestly try to hold it in if I can, but today I was faced with two options. Try to control your bowel movements for two hours, OR go to the bathroom of your parent's friend's house while no one is looking. I knew I couldn't wait too long, so I did the latter. I felt incredibly satisfied afterwards, but I shudder at the thought. I hate doing things that are so uncomfortable, and for me, doing anything related to pooping/farting in a public environment is something that makes me extremely uncomfortable.

And so, I'm ending this wall post with an upset stomach and strange wishes. Wow. It's 2:38. I need sleep.

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