Monday, June 21, 2010

People read this?

So... It turns out I officially know at least five people who have visited my blog at least once. Of course they're all of my close friends, which makes me laugh a little bit. SHOUTOUT TO RICHARD AND ERIC. I don't really know if they'll read this one since it's not about drugs, but I'm sure they'll appreciate the thought.

Today felt like the real beginning of summer. As a couple of friends played manhunt together, it hit me that I probably won't be able to do these things for a long time. After this summer, I doubt I'll be running around hiding in Ithaca. I'd probably die from the snowfall before that could ever happen. I surprisingly actually had a lot of fun, and when I look back on this summer, events like today will come to mind. I actually love the people who are in my life, and am eternally grateful that they've put up with me thus far. I know it's been a tough time bearing with me, and I can't imagine having better people involved.

Also, I'm pretty excited to go to Korea. I'll probably hate it when I get there though. I can barely speak Korean, and so conversations with my relatives will be very strained. I also won't really know anybody there, so it probably will be uneventful. Still, I have to visit the Motherland, don't I? It's been over twelve years since I last visited, so it'd be a nice change of pace. I tend to forget just where my roots really are.

Let's see... Do I have any other plans for the summer? I think I'm watching Toy Story 3 sometime in the near future, which I am surprisingly very excited about! The prospects of visiting childhood are just too enticing... or it could just be that I'm ridiculously immature. I think both are applicable to the situation? =) There's another graduation party this week, a birthday at Six Flags, and a possible sleepover. Actually, that seems like a pretty eventful first week of summer. This reminds me of how I attempted to tag numerous people in my first real photo album since last summer... and how I epically failed. I might try again tomorrow, but for now, I think three attempts are enough failure in one day for me.

On a unrelated note... (this totally might be a new section in every blog post) Basically. That word bothers me. It's just a filler word, and yet everyone finds it necessary to include it in any sort of form of public speaking. Whether it's lecturing or making a point, basically finds its way into people's mouths all the time, much like herpes. I do not like either. I should stop ending things on a random note. They really do nothing for anybody. And now it's three thirty. I am going to bed. If there is someone who reads this, would you like me to write about anything specifically? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! You can ask me on formspring if you really want to. *Sigh* I bet I'll have no new formspring questions....

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