Thursday, July 1, 2010

"I'm a very physical person..."

I absolutely adore hanging out in small groups of people. I went on a Taco Bell date with two very sexy betas and had a blast. I think I should start giving my stomach a break though. My fat is flowing over my jeans a bit more than usual. But besides stalking Abhi Cherukapali, taking fail shadow pictures, and petting random dogs, laughing hysterically over absolutely nothing was the best part of the night. I think that I'm just going to visit the Renaissance more often and be creepy all the time! I don't see what's wrong with that...

Also, I just got massively yelled at the parental units... They did not approve of me walking in at 2:35 for no apparent reason. I mean, I feel as though I'm not in the wrong since I said I was coming in late. Granted, it was a bit overkill, but I do get offended when my brother can come in any time he practically wants. Anyways, I couldn't really tell them that I was just in a car for the past two and a half hours just talking. I was actually right outside my house, having a very nice and relaxing conversation, but I doubt my parents would find that any better. So, what did I come up with in the two seconds they asked me? I spilled food. Yeah, it's as bad of an excuse as it sounds. I said I dropped the food I got from Taco Bell in the car and had to go to someone's house to clean it up. Surprisingly, everything is already spotless and there are no stains. I honestly don't know why I am terrible under pressure. The parental units are still fuming, claiming that I'm never going out with the car again, but that's just too unreasonable. I might have to come home at an early time starting now though. I wonder how Eric's parents reacted to his arrival time...

Regardless, I had a fun time laughing about the weirdest things. I found out that I'm not the only one who blames everyone but myself when I lose something. I assume that it just has to be someone else who took it, because I clearly would know where I lost it if I did. Also, it seems to be apparent that Kishan has very nice eyes... even to guys. Anyone else find that a weird comment to come out of a man's mouth? There are too many hilarious things to remember, but as of right now, my mind is blank. I need to stop writing these posts at three in the morning. But that would probably mean I would have to wake up before twelve, and that's just impossible. I bet if I go to Korea and get jet lag, my sleeping habits would actually be fixed. Now that's just sad.

The moral of the story: I've been having a ton of fun in the past two weeks of summer, and keeping myself busy while being surrounded by friends is a great thing to do. It turns out that I miss a lot of people, and that I still have more to see! And on a side note, the title refers to Sneha and her fairly inappropriate quote. Hahaha, I'm glad she still loves me, even with my impression of her laugh, which sounds like an elderly British woman chuckling. =)


  1. JEN CHUNG! guess who! (shouldn't be that hard)

    YAYYYY <3