Monday, July 5, 2010

Sometimes I give myself the creeps..

I've been freaking out a bit more than usual... The culprit? College. I heard everyone talking about picking and choosing their courses for the fall semester, and a great deal of them had already filled their entire schedule. I hadn't even looked at the requirements for my school nor had I thought about what classes I would want to take, or if I even wanted to keep my major. I spent the entire Fourth of July thinking about this, and I saw that enrollment would start happening starting July 7th. I don't know what's going to become of this.

I really just want to ask one of my fellow suitemates about this, but I don't want to come off as completely ignorant and unaware of the things I clearly should know. I've tried asking the people around me, but each person has a completely different opinion, and I don't know which to take into consideration. Someone who's already in college tells me that staying in the CAS is a better idea so that I have more options when I graduate, while another tells me that transferring into the Life Sciences school would be more beneficial if I were to go into business. I'm not even sure if I want to go into business when I get older, but I thought I wanted to have a path already given to me. And yet would I hate myself for taking an easier road, compromising what I necessarily want because I don't want to bother with it? I thought getting into college was rough...

The date is fast approaching, and I have approximately.. three classes I am looking into. Yeah, I have a lot of work cut out for me. I really hope the process becomes easier because frankly, I feel lost. I want to talk to someone who can understand exactly what I'm going through, but I don't know if there is anyone like that. Everyone seems so sure of what they're doing, and I'm envious. Maybe it's my indecisiveness, or my refusal to look forward to the future. I really do want to go to college. I do want to grow up. I guess I just didn't know it was so difficult.

On a random note, I am ridiculously in love with Green Day at the moment. I was listening to Basket Case, and the lyrics struck a note with me (was that a bad pun or what?).
Sometimes I give myself the creeps/Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me/It all keeps adding up/I think I'm cracking up/Am I just paranoid or am I stoned?

It's nice to feel like someone wrote a soundtrack on your life. Then I realize that the ten million people who bought the album probably thought the same thing. I'm just another angsty teen =P

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