Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why am I still awake

I'm not really sure either. It's 7:07 am. It's quite possibly the earliest I've woken up all summer. In reality, it's the latest I've stayed up. I'm sick of practically spending an entire day with my eyes closed (insert dirty joke here). So, I figured that I might as well go ahead and stay awake for the next twenty-four hours, in the hopes that I will be sleepy enough to go to bed at an appropriate time. I realize now that this is a completely dumb idea because 1)I'll probably end up falling asleep from now until 10pm and 2)I'm going to be completely wiped out when I go out to dinner tonight at eight. Epic Fail.

I don't find myself to be ridiculously exhausted just yet. It's actually quite the opposite. At 8:00am, my enrollment appointment begins. I'm almost foaming at the mouth for the thought of picking my classes for the upcoming fall semester. Just a little less than an hour from now, and I'm finally in control of my life. I thought I'd feel relieved in this moment, but instead, I'm panicking. I've always had my parents breathing down my neck, telling me exactly what I need to do. Now, I'm the one who needs to decided what classes I should take for my future.

I even signed up for a mentor program! I thought that if I met someone who was in my exact position years ago, that maybe she could help me with the difficult decisions with which I'm struggling. I just got an e-mail yesterday saying that I've already been matched up! I can't wait to see what kind of successful lady this woman is, and I hope that she doesn't find me ridiculously creepy. I give off that vibe sometimes.

Also, the one thing I was particularly miffed about now has the prospects to be one of the best times I might have. At Cornell, there is a physical education requirement. Yes, I need a gym class. I hated the idea of wearing the same shirt every single day for an hour, sweating and being laughed at for my lack of physical prowess. Thoughts of feeling like the fattest and most loser-ish kid as I'm picked last for the volleyball team made me groan. But it's not like that at all. There are over 100 courses to choose from for every single person. I know just how unfit I am, but most of these just seem like something I would genuinely enjoy learning. One of the classes I really want to take is Introduction to Swing Dancing. Oh. My. God. Sure, I have no dancing ability whatsoever, but that has got to be one of the most creative and interesting gym classes to take. If I want to be a bit more athletic, I can try cardio kick-boxing. I've never been this excited about signing up for phys ed ever. I love college.

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