Thursday, August 19, 2010

How could I not?

So. I figured I needed to write one last blog post to summarize my entire summer because, as of tomorrow, I'll officially be in Cornell. Today was (as many people would say) bittersweet. Of course I want to grow up and go to college, but I didn't know it would be this soon. Luckily, I didn't bawl as much as I did at graduation, but I did shed a few tears here and there. I will say that I kept myself from even giving a second thought to certain motherfuckers because they didn't even seem to care in the slightest bit that I left.

Overall, I would say that I had a ridiculously crazy summer. These past two weeks have been spent very well. I'll try to do as much summarization as I can. I got to see the people I really wanted to, like Rachel, Nthabi, Beth, Lucy, Katherine, Alice, Nishat, Mike(s), Peter, and even more. I seriously can't even begin to thank these people for being amazing friends. I know now that I do have some sort of net to come back to when I'm in North Brunswick, and I really couldn't ask for more. I even had a few summer flings here and there, which were surprisingly nice. I think I'm not really cut out for relationships, BUT HOPEFULLY CORNELL WILL PROVE TO BE DIFFERENT. Yeah, I'm totally not lonely...

Today, I tried to fit in as much time as I could with my friends, even though I was scolded by my parents the day before. I thought I could risk the consequences if it meant seeing some people for quite possibly the last time in the next five months. I actually had a ridiculously fun time at my friend's house at around ten thirty. Making pancakes at 11:30 at night and talking on a couch for two hours is just another wonderful memory I'll always keep with me. Who knew things like that could mean so much?

But before that, I went to the mall with two of my friends. One of them was a really nice person from All-States that I hadn't talked to in two years. I don't really know how we got to talking again, but I'm really glad I got to see her before I left. She's someone who I definitely wouldn't mind keeping in touch with for years to come. I need more people like her in my life: genuine, caring, and sweet. I doubt there's anything remotely wrong with her. I absolutely adore her =) I also saw one of my old (ish) friends. We've been friends for a decent amount of time, but just got close this year. I have to say that she is definitely another person that I hope to be friends with long after we're out of college. We can have fun singing along to Dynamite (completely out of tune) or talking about particularly nasty hookups. Gah. Leaving people like this makes me really sad.

I also went out to go bowling with a different group of friends, and I thought it was... disappointing. I don't think any of them genuinely cared that I was leaving, or even wanted to keep in contact with me after I left. I could only think of one person who might do that, and that's pretty saddening. I thought I could expect more, but I guess they just don't like me, and I can't do anything about that. I guess it's all the better that I know now than later.

And now it's late and I should be getting ready for college, which I totally haven't done. I feel bad that this post is so scattered and uninteresting, but BITCHES, I GOT COLLEGE IN DA MORNIN'. Respect.

*I know I went to Cornell August 20th, but I just had time to upload this now lol. Hope you enjoy! =)

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