Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A revision

I'm a bit unsatisfied with my last two blog posts. I got pretty tired midway through writing them, and I just wanted to finish. So, I ended up just writing down all of the stuff I did, without even explaining them or saying what I felt about them. Overall, I think that while my trip could have been better, it was mainly my fault if I felt like it was lacking. Thinking about it, I'm a bit upset that I didn't start taking pictures for my trip until the very end of it. I think that I wasn't really trying to enjoy what I was going through for the first week or so. Instead, all I thought about was what I could be doing in the States and how it might've been a mistake coming there. But when I tried being more open-minded, I ended up having the most fun I had all summer.

Also, I think that I was really trying to convey this message that I was an adult while in Korea. I wanted to be seen by others as someone who's going to college, and clearly ready for it. But I should've just liked being young and doing whatever the heck it is that young people do there. Except I didn't really have the friends or means of transportation to do that really XP But if I were given the opportunity to go to Korea again (perhaps for a study abroad program), I definitely would take it. I can't get over how much I loved every single one of my relatives. Some of them had their quirks, but they all seemed to genuinely care about how I was doing. This is in stark contrast to how useless and alone I felt just ten years before. I thought that they only cared about my brother, who was the boy of the family.

But here are a few things that I noticed while I was there...

1)There are no left-handed people. Seriously, every time I was sitting at a table, at least one person would comment on it. I know that it used to be seen as bad luck a few decades ago, but I guess no one wants their child to bear the hand.. OF THE DEVIL. But seriously, I was born left-handed because my father was, but he's currently a rightie. Why? Because my grandmother beat him constantly until he started using his right hand for all tasks. He was clearly scarred for life, and when my mother suggested for them to change my left-handedness, he vehemently opposed it. I think that this kinda makes me special, so I'm glad he let me keep it. Still, I don't quite understand why it's still such a rarity in Korea. Regardless, it did bring about attention towards me hahaha.

2) Friendship bracelets don't exist. All of my relatives kept asking what the piece of string on my hand was. I explained to them that it was a bracelet my friend (in this particular case, Rachel) had made for me personally and I then tied it around my wrist. One of them thought I joined the Kabbalah religion... No. But they either were perplexed by the idea of friendship bracelets, or just thought that all American kids wore it. When my brother visited two years ago, he wore one as well. I'm sure they all have this image of everyone wearing string on their wrists in the States as a fashion statement.

3)They really seem to like American people. For the most part, I can't really speak Korean all too well, so I just kept my mouth shut. I figured it would be annoying for people to hear me speak in English when no one else did. I thought of it by remembering how much I hated it when people in New Jersey start speaking in their language in front of everyone. It's annoying and you live in America, I thought. Learn the language -_- But it turned out to be the opposite! For the most part, everyone could tell that I had horrible grammar in Korean, and I'd get called out on it sometimes. But as soon as I started talking in English, everyone ooh-ed and ahh-ed at my "flashiness" and "cool personality". Yeah, weird.

4)Korean boys definitely don't like me. Hahaha, I'm not sure if this one is entirely true, but it sure seems like it. The only time I can recall being checked out during my entire trip is by some white guy taking a drag while I was walking down the street. Wow, I managed to get looked up and down by the one person who's actually not from here. Can you say... fail? But then again, I'm not really good at noticing people when they do stare at me for various reasons, so maybe there were some random Korean boys looking my way. I highly doubt it, but who knows? At this point, I've lost all hope in me ever finding one. I guess I'll have to stick to mah white boys =P Not that they stick to me either...

But hmm, what else is there to say? I guess I can talk a bit more about what's been going on recently. It was actually my dad's birthday yesterday, and I felt ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE because I had forgotten it. I knew it was the 10th, but I didn't actually know that day was the 10th... I blame my jetlag =P But basically, here's how it went down. This'll be the series of conversations between my mom and dad over the phone. This is all translated from Korean by the way.

*Ring Ring*
Dad: Hey, I just wanted to know if we're going out for dinner tonight?
Mom: .... No. Why would we?
Dad: Well, I kinda wanted everyone to go out as a family today. I mean, it is a special day.
Mom: No, just come home. I already made dinner and everything.
Dad: ... Okay. I'll talk to you later. *click*

Second Call:
*ring ring*
Dad: SO. I think I'm going to get my hair cut today.
Mom: That's nice.
Dad: I might come back a little late because of it.
Mom: And you're telling me... Why?
Dad: Well, just in case you were planning something and needed to know.
Mom: I don't need your life story. Bye. *click*

Third and Final Call:
*ring ring... ring**
Mom: Is there a reason why you're calling three times in the past fifteen minutes?
Dad: ... Are you forgetting something?
Mom: ... No... Do you mean the groceries? I said I'd get them tomorrow, so get off my back about it. *Pause. Now has a revelation of what the heck today is* I'LL CALL YOU BACK.

So there, that is what happened on my father's birthday. I managed to google "good gifts for dad" and found a website detailing nice gift ideas. I saw the option of buying expensive alcohol, and told my brother that we should get him Johnny Walker Blue Label Whiskey. Of course, my brother tries to explain how I'm a moron and don't understand the tax on those types of things... And then we end up getting him that anyways, but he still takes all the credit. We just bought the stuff as Costco, where everything's always cheaper. That reminds me. In the States, Costco is pronounced "cost-co". Makes sense right? Well, I specifically remember one of my friends making fun of me because I called it "coast-co" because that's how my parents say it. Well, it turns out that there are actually Costcos in South Korea, and that everyone says it like that. So HA, you jerky mcjerkpants who called me out on my so-called mispronunciation. I knew there was a reason for it. I'll just put this down as another win in my book...

Oh, and I guess I can talk about one more thing. One of my newfound friends from Cornell recently started talking to me, and we got around to the topic of Chatroulette. Of course, everyone and their grandmother has been on it at least once, usually with a bunch of their friends. I, OF COURSE, haven't. I thought that it might be slightly pathetic to go on without a buddy and just doing it for fun, but I got annoyed at how everyone would talk about their Chatroulette adventures and how I never could really understand them. So, I put on my big girl hat and decided to go on. I was ready for the excessive amounts of penis and the whole she-bang. The first person I end up meeting is the only person I talk to for the entire night. Haha, as crazy as it sounds, I had a four hour conversation with a random stranger I met online. And now we're friends on both Oovoo and Skype. So thank you, mystery man, for making my first Chatroulette experience a fun one =D I have to say that it was quite possibly one of the weirdest things I've done all week.

And it is 11:15, and I'm still grimy as fuck. By that, I mean that I woke up at nine thirty and haven't taken a shower or brushed my teeth since I got up. Yeah, I get distracted by the computer too easily hahaha. But I shall end this post with a peace of mind, knowing that I'm actually satisfied with what I wrote. Maybe because I used the word penis? =D

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