Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A week into it...

I would say that, in terms of the best friends issue, I don't find myself struggling with the idea as much anymore. In fact, I think I've made some amazing friends thus far. I would definitely say that Isabel is one of those people. We actually end up doing a lot of things together, and she always has her friends' best interest at heart. She's hilarious, sweet, and just overall an amazing person. I think I'm blessed to have met someone like that. Then there are all of the people on my floor, but I do think that I like Sam the most. He's just so lovable! He's also ridiculously funny, and even sings. It does help that he's insanely cute as well. HAHAHAHA, that actually reminds me of how he was telling us that he tried stopping himself from hitting a wall while drunk, and instead stuck his hands out and hit a wasp. His hand was hideously deformed, and yet I laughed at it hysterically. I am definitely an evil person.

I even saw one of the kids who graduated from NBTHS a year ago, and he also went to Cornell. It was actually embarrassing the way I ran into him. I was eating a whole thing of cotton candy and cried out his name. I was worried he'd get creeped out and run away, but alas! He decided to stay. And in a weird series of events, I ended up going out to dinner with him, his other friend from Jersey, and half of their floor (I live in High Rise Five, they live in Low Rise 7). It's funny since I totally am not a part of that group at all, but I've basically invited myself over there for the past two days. Yeah, I'm a creep. I also met this ridiculously gorgeous wasian girl, but she clearly doesn't know it. She attempts to work against her looks, which only makes her more likable. She seemed like she was the crazy hipster chick type, but she's actually ridiculously sweet and innocent. She even told me that she wrote about me in her diary, describing me as "the most BAMF korean chick" she's ever met. I have decided to corrupt her with TMI stories. I'm salivating at the thought =D

And then there's Ben. I actually met Ben only two days ago, and I think he's quite possibly one of the most interesting people I've met in my life. I actually thought he hated me when we first met. His monotonous tone and terse responses didn't really add to the idea that he wanted to be friends. I actually ended up texting him as well when Peter wouldn't pick up his phone and I still needed my bow, and Ben and I decided to make plans for lunch. He's ridiculously funny, adorable, and finds me hilarious. I don't really think I can ask for more in a friend. It seems like he genuinely does like me, and that's all I really want.

There are just sooo many more people I could go on and on about, but then I realized that this blog post would go on for ages, or I would just never post this. Seriously, I started this over four days ago and have practically given up on blogging. I genuinely just don't have time for it anymore. BUT, I figured that it's a good way to look back on how I felt about what was going on in a certain point in my life. An interactive diary of sorts =D

I guess I should go on to talk about one of the things I was really looking forward to... So. My orchestra audition... I can't get over how freaking terrible it was. And I have no one but myself to blame for it! Seriously, I don't know what I was thinking. I woke up at 10:50 when my audition was at 11:20. FUCK MY LIFE. Seriously, I don't know how I can be so irresponsible sometimes. I was really disappointed in myself. I'm surprised I didn't burst out crying right after it happened. I realized about halfway through my bawling that only five basses tried out for eight spots, so I was basically a shoo-in. Maybe the whole idea of the terrible audition just really got to me. I can't imagine being rewarded for something as horrible as my rendition of Vivaldi's Third Sonata. I seriously need to start practicing instead of whittling my life away on needless things (like facebook stalking... tee hee).

It is officially 1:30 am, and I definitely need to go to bed. I have class at ten, and I have yet to start half of my homework. Oh bejesus. I actually do have a lot of things to blog about, so hopefully I can find some time to sit down and write it! But until then... =)

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