Wednesday, September 8, 2010

5 people who mean a lot

Even though she thought I was mad at her over absolutely nothing for about a week or so, I actually really do value Katherine as an amazing friend. I think she's the one who's made the most effort in making sure that we stay friends even while I'm in college. She does say some things that can be offensive, but I know she doesn't do it intentionally and that she's always looking out for me. I just hope she knows how much I appreciate her efforts.

OF COURSE, I have to mention Ben. We almost never run out of things to talk about, have fun laughing at the most stupid things, and in a way we're retarded soulmates. I think my college experience would be pretty different without him. It meant so so much when he stayed the entire night just because I was crying. I can't get over how amazing of a person he is. Apparently, we're good enough friends to bring forks to each other. Now that's love.

I haven't seen her in forever, but I end up missing her all the time! Nthabi seriously is one of my best friends, and I just love her so much. I cried the day we parted, and I know that my life will be worse when she's not there. Gah, I need more people like her in my life. Sweet, caring, and understands my disgusting humor.

Hahaha, Sam's ridiculous sayings always gets me. Even when I'm wearing his poop covered sweater, I still think he's wonderful and we manage to have the most fun even when we're attempting to study at 2:00 in the morning. One thing though: you need to stop stealing my noodos =P

Hmm... as mean as this sounds, I'm not sure if I can think of anyone else to list for this. Maybe I'll figure it out in the morning, but at the moment, I'm too tired. Peaceee

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