Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day Five: 6 things you wish you'd never done

This is going to be a tough post. I try to stay away from regretting things in the past, but I guess for the sake of this blog, I can attempt to do so. Ahh, I hate opening up old wounds.

Spend more time on my college applications. Of course I'm extremely happy with where I am now, but I still wonder what would've happened if I had put in more effort, tried to the best of my abilities. I feel like I didn't do that, and that's disappointing on my part. I expect more of myself

Tell someone I liked him. Gosh, it's actually really hard for me to say I like someone because the one and only time I did, I got rejected. And for the most part, the guys I have an interest in don't necessarily have an interest in me. I wanted nothing more than for us to be a couple, for him to like me back, and now I'll just wonder what could've been yet again. Unrequited like for two years?? That's excessive, even for me.

This one thing I did at a Super Mash Bros Concert... IT STILL BOTHERS ME EVEN NOW. But it seems like the two of us have made advances, so maybe it's not something I particularly regret all too much.

Have someone roll a joint in my car. It made my parents so disappointed in me, and made me realize how much of an asshole members of my family can be. I'd never felt so betrayed in my life. But it was originally my fault, so I don't really have anyone to blame but myself.

Making so many enemies senior year. I don't really know how I did it, but I did, and it was horrid. I wanted nothing more to be friends with everybody, and it seemed like they all just hated me towards the end of it. I wish graduation would have been a happier experience, and that I would have more fond memories to look back on, instead of petty drama.

Say something to my mother. Right before I left for college, I said something extremely spiteful to her and I want nothing more than to take it back. It was uncalled for, and I'm sure she only blames herself for me saying it. I want her to know that even with our differences, I do love her and that I never should have made her think otherwise.

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