Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day Ten: 1 confession

Hmm, I don't really have anything I would particularly like to confess. Well, that's actually a blatant lie, but I can't think of something specifically that I should say. There are a few things I could get off of my chest, but there's nothing deep down that I severely need to tell someone. Well, except for maybe the last one. And the ten day challenge is FINALLY finished! I shall do a little dance to celebrate. Okay, I'm done.

1. I had a crush on you. You had a crush on my friend. I hooked up with your friend in retaliation. Lol.

2. I stole that condom from your room. I don't know if you noticed yet, but hopefully you're not too mad at me for it!

3. I feel like we're growing apart and that you're getting tired of me already. I'm worried about our friendship.

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