Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The CU Tales: Rush Week - Round 1 (Day 3)

Another exhausting day finished, another one set for tomorrow. My day started at roughly 7am again, and I tried to pick out an outfit that was sufficiently cute yet stand-out... ish. If I recall, I was wearing a blazer with a sequin top, and of course, I accessorized with my creepy person necklace. I had a bit more confidence than I did the day before, but I instantly became more self conscious about what I was saying.

I started to plan out in my head exactly what I would talk about with the various girls in each house. Looking back on it, I think that was something I should've limited. The more I thought into it, the more I got freaked out and the conversations became more awkward and less free-flowing. So, a word of advice to anyone forced to interact with multiple people at a time for about five minutes each: try not to be creepy, or try too hard. If they like you, it won't be because of your ability to shoot out random topics as quickly as people.

The houses I visited the second day were AChiO, AXiD, Theta, KD, and SDT (I previously stated that I visited KD on the first day, but I realize now that I listed too many). The same process occurred at each house, with slight variations. Each house served a beverage of some sort, and a couple steered away from the hot chocolate. I remember loving the apple cider some houses gave. AXiD ended up offering either cucumber water or Shirley Temples. When one of the girls offered me a drink, I reluctantly had to tell her I was allergic to cucumbers and cherries. Awkward...

Moving on, I remember bits and pieces from various conversations I had, and I even made a few horror stories. At AChiO, I was talking with one of the girls and was chewing on a Lifesaver, you know, for my stank breath. So, I start to break it up into tiny little pieces and as I'm having a conversation with the girl, I end up spitting up a piece of the candy and I see it falling in slow motion directly onto her lap. I didn't know what to say for about five seconds, but it seemed like she didn't notice, so I tried to just move on. Otherwise, I was known as the creepy girl who likes to spit up various objects.

Overall, I ended up not loving most of the houses from the second day as much as the first day. Still, I knew which houses I thought had potential for me. I wanted to see what would happen with Kappa, Theta, AXiD, and KD even though I didn't really fall head over heels for them. At SDT, I had a fairly awful experience with one of the girls there. She clearly wasn't listening to anything I was saying, and I honestly didn't think there was much going on up in her head anyways. Still, I knew this would probably be a tough decision. I ended up liking pretty much all of the houses in some way, and I couldn't help but wonder how my opinion could completely change the next time I visited. I knew I had to choose wisely.

After Round 1, we finally had to fill out a form. There are 11 houses, and we had to put down eight 1's, next to the houses we'd want to visit again. Then, for the last three houses, you would rank them from 2 to 4 based on preference. You could get a maximum of eight call-backs for Round 2. I put down Alpha Phi, AEPhi, Theta, DG, KD, TriDelt, AChiO, and Kappa as my eight 1's. I really did like AXiD, but I couldn't see myself fitting in with a lot of the girls I saw there. So, I put it does as 2. Then, I put PiPhi as 4 and SDT as 3. And now it was up to the sororities. After we handed in our sheets, it was their turn to pick and choose. And so we waited until tomorrow, to see how the next day would turn out.